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CreativeOhio’s 2023 Public Policy Agenda

As part of our strategic plan, CreativeOhio presents a yearly public policy agenda. Below is a condensed version of our 2023 goals in public policy. (Last updated 11/6/23.)


Biennial Budget

CO will advocate for increased funding levels for the Ohio Arts Council, which recognizes the increased costs our members are experiencing. While educating lawmakers on the vital role the creative industry plays in the economy, education, and the state’s cultural diversity, if circumstances allow, we will seek additional funding channels above and separate from the Council’s funding. | Complete

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local admission taxes

Admission taxes have been imposed on ticket sales in many communities throughout the state; while some earmark the proceeds to support the arts in the community, some do not. CO will monitor and work with members seeking assistance navigating these issues at the local level and, when appropriate, at the state level. | Progress Ongoing

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arts & culture permissive local funding

Cuyahoga County has long benefited from a state-authorized and locally enacted sales tax that supports arts and culture within the county. Currently, this mechanism is only available to Cuyahoga County by law. In the past, statewide coalitions have worked to change Ohio law to make this opportunity available to other communities across the state to provide additional public funds for the arts at the local level. CO will monitor and may participate in the advocacy of these efforts. | Progress Ongoing

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motion picture & Theatre tax credit

The popular Motion Picture Tax Credit was expanded recently to include Broadway theatrical productions. Next session, CO will continue to support a coalition of cities, film commissions, and performing arts centers to lobby for increasing the cap on this successful tax credit program which not only provides significant economic stimulus to the state but also maintains employment for many in the creative industries. | Progress Ongoing

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education funding

Many CO members are directly funded or have forged essential partnerships with local schools across Ohio. CO will advocate for continued funding for arts education and opportunities for school children to access arts and culture in their communities in productive partnerships with our members. | Progress Ongoing

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arts in the community

CO continues to advocate for programs to encourage and fund connecting arts organizations and individual artists with historically under-served communities, including economically distressed state regions, senior citizens, and correction facilities. | Progress Ongoing

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arts as an industry

CO members operate much like any other business in the state. Our members are impacted by employment law, health & environmental regulations, non-profit corporation law, charitable giving tax treatment, and many other issues that can directly impact our members’ ability to succeed. CO maintains regular contact with our like organizations representing the business sector and will continue to work together for all our members’ interests. | Progress Ongoing



CO will continue to seek the legislative authorization of a specialized license plate honoring Ohio creatives, which will allow any Ohioan to order the unique plate, and the proceeds of sales of the plates will be directed to the CO Foundation to help further our mission. | Complete