Photo of Black Lives Matter photo courtesy of the City of Cincinnati

Advocacy starts with storytelling, and there’s a lot of storytelling happening in Cincinnati.

Cincinnati’s Black arts community is gaining attention as artists advocate for their points of view to be considered. NPR’s Cincinnati Edition with Lucy May did a deep dive on the movement in late February.

The show features Adoria Maxberry of Most Outgrowing, LLC, David Choate, founder of Revolution Dance Theatre, and Brandon Hawkins, co-owner of Soul Palette and project manager of Black Art Speaks, a Cincinnati Artist Collective that created a “Black Lives Matter” mural in front of Cincinnati’s City Hall.

“It was a great way to start actually talking to people on the ground and developing some relationships that have lasted a lot longer than any mural can last,” says Hawkins about the project.

“The power of art is to tell a story,” says Maxberry. And advocacy starts with telling a story, says CreativeOhio Executive Director and CEO, Sarah Sisser.

We hear about their view on the role of activism in art, Black artists that inspire their work, and the city’s Black art renaissance.


Photo courtesy of City of Cincinnati.

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