Valuable data from the Arts Indicators project is paramount in creating a compelling case for public support

The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) recently launched the Arts Indicators Project, a online research tool for policy makers, practitioners, researchers, and the general public to find key facts and figures about the role of artists and the arts in our lives and communities.

“The availability of accurate and current data illustrating the arts’ collective impact is paramount in creating a compelling case for public support in our advocacy work,” says CreativeOhio Executive Director and CEO, Sarah Sisser.

The Arts Indicators Project is part of the NEA’s newly established National Arts Statistics and Evidence-based Reporting Center (NASERC), shows statistical indicators and reports monitoring the arts as an ecosystem in the United States. The Arts Indicators Project is available on and highlights key developments and trends across four domains:

  • artists and other cultural workers
  • arts participation
  • arts and cultural assets
  • arts and education

Indicators within these domains summarize important developments and trends in the arts by using the latest statistics, which are updated as new data become available.

The NEA shares that this resource will grow to incorporate other domains and indicators designed to identify cross-cutting themes for special focus, and to explore how the arts statistics intersect with those from other fields or sectors. NASERC also will produce field scans, literature reviews, topical reports, and practitioner guides designed to benefit cultural workers, funders, and policy-makers.

This public data resource comes from partnerships between the NEA and other federal agencies, such as the U.S. Census Bureau and the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

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