On January 16, 2024, ArtsWave unveiled the 2024 report on the Economic Impact of Arts & Culture in the Cincinnati Region, an all-new study on the arts’ impact in Greater Cincinnati from 2019-2023. Commissioned by ArtsWave and produced by The Center for Research & Data at the Cincinnati Regional Chamber, the report underscores the intrinsic connection between a thriving arts sector and a thriving regional economy.

Photo of ArtsWave press event in January 2024

CreativeOhio Executive Director & CEO, Sarah Sisser, joined such speakers as Donna Collins, Executive Director of the Ohio Arts Council, and Cincinnati Mayor, Aftab Pureval, at the press conference hosted at Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park. Alecia Kintner, President & CEO of ArtsWave, says the following about the report, which is a meaningful way to showcase the regional impact that arts and culture have on an economy:

This report gives us a way to think about the aggregate economic impact of a well-established arts sector, up-and-coming new cultural organizations, and the massively popular arts-based festival, BLINK. As you will see, the numbers tell an important—and perhaps surprising—story.

High-level takeaways from the report, which calculated the economic impact of arts and culture organizations in the Cincinnati region by examining the budgets of 70 organizations, most of which receive funding through ArtsWave, include the following:

  • $1.6 Billion in Economic Impact from 2019-2022
  • 6,518 jobs created or supported
  • $15,746,117 taxes generated
  • Cincinnati is 11th among the 20 most arts-vibrant large communities in the country
  • Cincinnati organizations led by or for Black, Brown, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) populations total impact grew by 26%, compared to 19% for all arts organizations in the region, and the number of jobs created or supported grew by approximately 53% during that same period—much higher than the 7.4% growth for all arts organizations.

“We know that arts and culture organizations provide numerous social and economic benefits to their communities,” says Sisser. “Quantifying that impact, like ArtsWave has done in Cincinnati, helps advocates to further underscore and illustrate the compelling case for public and private support of the creative sector.”


Image of Economic Impact of Arts and Culture in the Cincinnati Region report

View and download the full report.

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